Urban Vegetable Market Project

SUNFUN possess international advanced waste disposal research center, and firstly put forward Environmental-protection commercial waste disposer, which will turn the vegetables leaves, peels, and leftovers leftover into air and water vapor, through microbial fermentation, decomposition, and conversion , decomposition rate over 98%. Residues are directly converted into organic fertilizers.

Prohibited item

Prohibited itemPlastic Products, Metals, Pottery, Fuel, Organic Solvents, Bulk Wood, Bulk Animal Bones, Cloth

Allowed itemVegetables, peels, nutshells, fish, meat, crabs, shrimp shell, eggshell, fish, poultry bones, rice, bread and other organic food

Energy saving and emission reduction

Direct decomposition of microorganisms will not cause sewer blockage and odor after the use of garbage crusher.

Direct microbial decomposition does not appear to cause clogging and odors in the sewer ,like used by the garbage crusher.